05 marca 2013


English version:
To make pralines you will need:
- metal or glass bowl
- your favourite chocolate
- small pot
- silicone mold
- spoon
- brush
- something to put inside the praline
- refigerator ;)

1. Chop the chocolate into small pieces.
2. In a pot boil small amount of water.
3. Put your bowl on the pot (water can't touch the bowl)
4. Place 2/3 of the chocolate into a bowl and melt it.
5. When it's melted, take the bowl aside and put the rest of the chocolate inside and stir it together until melted.
6. Put melted chocolate into the silicone mold - just on the sides. The brush would be helpful here.
7. Put a silicone mold in the fridge.
8. Once again put the chocolate onto the sides of the mold and place it once again in the refrigerator :)
9. Now it's a time to make a filling. In this recipe we have dried friuts that we put inside our chocolate shells :)
10. When all pralines have their filling - put the rest of the chocolate on the top.
11. Put the mold with pralines again in the refrigerator for at least 1 hour.
12. And now the best part - take the pralines out of the mold and eat! :)

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  1. ja poproszę całą taka ksiązkę :D :D :D

  2. Jejciu jak się cieszę Pasiaczku, jeśli zdecyduje się na wydanie, to stoję już w kolejce :)

  3. Ojj, mniam mniam mniam! :-)